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News Flash: Masiero's day in the life

Posted on February 21 2017

Industry leaders Masiero Lighting have shared a new company presentation for 2017. Going beyond the simplicity of showcasing their finest designs, the video takes viewers inside the headquarters that creates these products and offers a dazzling insight as to how these lights are brought to life.

The Brand

As stated in the video, Masiero Lighting both design and produce their lamps just a few kilometres from Venice, Italy. Here they employ sixty people, all working in the brands Italian headquarters to design, create, control, and dispatch their esteemed products. The company makes their designs using only the finest Italian metals, marbles, leathers, and fabrics.

The company export their products to over seventy-five different countries worldwide. They deliver over 35000 articles a year, and they install over 4000000 crystal pendants every year. Offering 950 articles divided across four catalogues, there's something for everyone. No two Masiero lamps are the same, so every product is guaranteed in its uniqueness.

The Designs

Featuring products like Eva, Libe, Drylight, and more, the video offers insight as to how these designs are inspired and produced. Showcasing the inspiration of nature, the artistry of construction, and the detail paid to every single feature, the video effortlessly showcases exactly why Masiero Lighting are leaders in the luxury lighting market.

With such an artistic focus, and with such great care placed in every step of the process that brings an idea to light, these designs are a product of passion. By loving what they do, Masiero Lighting create designs that you, the customer or the client, can be passionate about. What more could you ask for from a lighting brand?