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News Flash: Schonbek's new for 2017

Posted on March 23 2017

Schonbek is a name world renowned in the sphere of lighting. The brand draw on their longstanding history to create some of the most high quality classically inspired designs, fixtures, and solutions. All of their products are instilled with an air of elegance and grace, which in turn instills awe in anyone who beholds them.

These radiant pieces of elegance are unparalleled. The timeless style and superior quality of the brand is continued in two new premium collections: Emilea and Gwynn.


The Emilea chandelier offers a look that combines the best of both worlds, from the strength of tradition to the versatility of the contemporary. Emilea has a classic cast arm structure. This is interspersed with crystal accents for a modern and sleek look. Emilea is a subtly elegant design, making it perfect for today’s interiors.


The Gwynn chandelier is innately graceful. It takes the inspiration for its form from the circular forms and the smoothly polished surfaces of the Art Deco movement. The shape is made from swirling curves, which are cut from hand-finished metal by hard working craftsmen. These are centered by large crystal octagons. Their effect is nothing short of magical, yielding rainbows of spectral light. It is the ultimate expression of understated sophistication and grace.


The new additions to Schonbek's range also includes extensions to popular families Bagatelle, Eclyptix, Refrax, Sarella, and Vesca. These radiant pieces of elegance and opulence are inspired by Schonbek's rich European heritage and longstanding tradition of chandelier-making. Like everything the brand create, these designs are sure to illuminate for generations to come.