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News Flash: Searchlight preview 2017/2018 range

Posted on June 21 2017

An established and recognised supplier of decorative lighting, Searchlight is a family owned business that was first founded in 1945 by Sir Sidney Hamburger. Now, supplying to the very best specialist lighting retailers, multi national chains, and distributor partners across the globe, this company is a name that remains consistently on the rise.

Searchlight Lighting excel in the creation of innovative and contemporary lighting designs, supplemented with traditional and modern classics, to meet a vast range of styles, trends, customer requirements, and quality standards to the highest of abilities.

This is a company that continuously remain dedicated to producing safe, quality products which continue to meet and satisfy the needs and requirements of their clients, customers, and interested parties. Ensuring that all products are manufactured and rigorously tested to industry standards, all the designs that this company offer come synonymous with no uncertain amount of high quality.

With the 2016/2017 catalogue (the company's largest to date) continuing to prove successful, Searchlight have previewed their new catalogue for 2017/2018, sharing behind the scenes photos from the shooting of the images for it.

Displaying a characteristic sense of class and innovation, the design previewed (which you can see in the image above) spells brilliant things for what Searchlight are soon to offer. Keep an eye on their social media accounts for further updates.