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News Flash: Studio Italia Design present new designs at Light And Building

Posted on March 28 2018

Based in the Italian city of Venice, Studio Italia Design have stood out as the premier designer and producer of contemporary lighting fixtures since the company first formed in 1950. The fixtures this company design epitomise the prestigious label “made in Italy,” consequently displaying the highest standards of quality and design. The brand name stands for an ideal combination of quality, form, function, and state of the art technology. The company also develop custom made creations on a continual basis, striving to provide the ideal product for every customer. Taking pride in their products, they bring to life designs anyone can be proud to own. These qualities enable Studio Italia Design to constantly stand at the service of world renowned designers, architects, and engineers, among others. The brand has products available in over ninety countries (thanks to many capable and reliable partners). The Studio Italia Design name is famed all across the globe, making them market leaders on an international scale. Ever the innovators, Studio Italia Design are continuously seeking new inspiration, striving to create new items of luxury design perfection, and continuously pushing the boundaries to find the best way to bring their inspirations to life. At this year's Light And Building event, Studio Italia Design presented their new catalogue to the public, along with displays of some of their newest and brightest luxury lighting designs. Attendees were treated to the first glimpses of the most recent designs the brand has been hard at work creating. Studio Italia Design have now shared photos of their Light And Building exhibit online, so you too can have a glimpse at the bright future this brand is working towards (above). Combining contemporary and traditional inspirations with an artisan craftsmanship, these new designs have been created with an unmistakable sense of character and grace.