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News Flash: Studio Italia Design share new 2017 catalog

Posted on January 26 2017

Studio Italia Design have a long established history that's placed them at the forefront of the lighting industry. Not ones to let a moment go to waste, the brand have seen in the new year by releasing a brand new lighting catalog for 2017.

The Brand

Since the company was formed in 1950, Studio Italia Design has been on a journey of pure passion and artistic affinities. It is (as they put it themselves) "where light meets matter, glass joins metal - brass, aluminium, steel - and tradition welcomes the future." All of these things have always influenced and shaped the designs the company create - and their 2017 catalog is no exception to this, bearing all the distinctive character that continues to make the brand so celebrated.

The Designs

In the creation of their 2017 catalog, Studio Italia Design has chosen to partner with famous designers, researchers, and engineers from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds. The creative people the brand works with are chosen to compliment the brand's vision, and likewise, the creative people who work with the brand do so to compliment their own vision.

With this new catalog, Studio Italia Design have reinterpreted the objects they create as true interior pieces. With them, the light source plays freely with volumes, reflections, transparencies, lines, and all the shades of materials. These new collections are drawn together by one common thread: manufacturing excellence.

The Catalog 

Studio Italia Design's pursuit in high quality luxury lighting strives to light every need in modern living. In this aim, the brand have adapted to suit extreme customisation - an answer to the ever-varying needs that arise in modern living. Inventive new products have been custom made for a variety of different interiors, while tailored solutions have been developed in conjunction with the leaders in contemporary architecture.

Merging different materials, classicism, and the avant-garde with craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, with their 2017 catalogue the brand have taken a bright new step into the future.