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News Flash: Swarovski announces new innovation department

Posted on June 22 2017

Swarovski Lighting have long stood at the forefront of the luxury lighting industry. This is a position they have maintained since they first started out as a company, paving the way into the future with  no shortage of ingenuity.

This is something the brand have held as a crucial core value right from the beginning. Innovation has always been something that they have prided themselves on, something they continuously strive for in an eternal pursuit to be the best they can be and create the best for you - something they continue to succeed with.

To ensure the continuation and focus on this pursuit, Swarovski have started an innovation department. It's purpose is simple: to action digital ideas from across the company, pushing them forwards with a newfound strength in their ever evolving creativity.

Stefan Schmidhammer, the IT Retail Innovation Manager for the brand, admitted that retail technologies was an area in which the company were behind having seen competitors deploy touch screens and similar innovations to improves the retail experience.

"These got consumers more involved in the store and they had more fun in the store in general," the IT Retail Innovation Manager commented. "The mission of the retail innovation team is to understand the changing consumer needs. We try out new things and see how they work and how the consumers and employees like it."

Taking ideas from anyone in the business, the new department's job is to decide which are prototyped and trialled in Swarovksi stores for a test period while the benefits are assessed and the possibility of a global roll out is considered.

One innovation that has already been trialled by the brand is an app that allows users to virtually try on jewellery. Another is an in store tablet that is used to demonstrate the company's activity trackers.

"It is very important that failure is an option," Schmidhammer states. "If something is a failure at least we learn from the experience and communicate the learnings [to the rest of the business]."

Swarovski are also looking at beacon technologies, electronic pricing displays, face recognition software, and 3D printers. All of this innovation is the result of support from the company for this new department, which will continue to innovate and ensure Swarovski Lighting continue to stand as market leaders.