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News Flash: Swarovski launches The Future Is Equal campaign

Posted on March 09 2018

Yesterday (8th March) saw people the world over celebrating International Women's Day. One such company celebrating the occasion was Swarovski, and they did so with a forward thinking activism that has become characteristic of the brand. Swarovski have launched a new campaign: The Future Is Equal. Focused on gender equality, this campaign is geared towards inspiring actions not only in themselves but in their audience to create an inclusive world for everyone. "Gender equality is a fundamental human right and advancing parity is critical to the development of a fairer and inclusive world," the company state. Viewing last year as "a tipping point for equality," Swarovski are stepping forwards to play their part in not only promoting but also creating inclusivity wherever they can. They have done this by inviting their thousands of employees worldwide, along with their millions of followers on social media, to pledge to do one thing that takes action towards inclusivity and post a photo of it to inspire others to do the same. Whether a small gesture or a bold move, every one of these actions count towards building a more inclusive and indeed a better society for everyone. This is exactly Swarovski's aim, and in doing this the brand are fulfilling their duty towards the culture and environment they are a part of. Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board, commented: “We are proud to come together this International Women’s Day to launch Swarovski’s first global equality campaign – The Future is Equal. Swarovski is delighted to play its part in advancing equality and creating lasting positive change. There is no better time than now to commit to an inclusive world for all.”