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News Flash: Swarovski unveil new crystal collections

Posted on February 27 2017

With over fifty years experience in the lighting industry, Swarovski Lighting are one of the longest standing industry leaders when it comes to luxury lighting. The company boast an unparalleled expertise in the craft of crystal, and as such they bring the material to life in a way no other brand quite lives up to.

Always striving to improve upon their expertise, Swarovski are constantly creating, finding innovative and dazzling new ways to work with crystal. The brand recently unveiled their newest crystals. These four new creations embody Swarovski's craft and cutting edge nature with the utmost grace, presenting a story of New Perspectives.

The crystal innovations Swarovski have unveiled reflect the fact that we’re living in an age of disruption with a value revolution in progress, driven by our effort to redefine ourselves. Old dividing lines are being broken down - between high class and urban, the natural and the digital, male and female, and even between opposing belief systems.

Gang Star

Taking its name from the street expression “gangsta”, this theme mirrors a rebel culture inspired by the hip-hop, sporty, gangsta-rap scene, which has now integrated within the mainstream. The Skull Flat Back perfectly matches edgier, street-inspired designs, while the new Crystal Iridescent Blue Pearls reflect the gender-neutral, active-streetwear style fusion.

No Normal

“Anti-fashion” is the prevailing mood, with fashion stripped back to essentials in genderless clothes that have no particular season, no obvious definition, and no boundaries. Metals are manipulated into complex forms, designs deliberately celebrating human imperfection. It’s all about the rationalized “key piece” culture. We’re consuming less in a more considered way, and we’re more open to change than ever before.

Hacked Nature

Technology has become as much part of our daily lives as the air we breathe and the earth we inhabit. Although seemingly polar opposites, nature and technology have merged, forming bold new impressions that reflect a growing desire for a deeper connection with nature in an increasingly digital world. The new Shimmer effect brings with it a futuristic gleam with strong crystal colors in nature-tech hues. Hyper-real synthetic colors and shapes blend with nature-inspired forms in “phygital” (physical and digital) designs that create an emotionally compelling sensory overload in the designs of the future.

Spell Bound

As society turns away from organized belief systems toward rituals and shamanism, it looks to spells and stars for guidance, clinging to the notion that the world of magic exists. Disturbing, dark and dangerous, yet with a shimmering fairytale allure, the underworld is exposed in designs that look as though they have emerged at midnight. These crystals have a dark baroque opulence designed to balance the body using the healing properties of crystals and the mysticism of metals, with their mysterious green, blue, silver and violet iridescence.