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News Flash: Swarovski open pop up store

Posted on December 06 2017

Swarovski are known for creating the most beautiful and expensive crystal in the world. Turning a timeless material into contemporary designs, they remain at the top of the luxury lighting game.

The brand was born in 1891 from the dream of Daniel Swarovski. That dream was to create “a diamond for everyone”. Inventing a machine that could cut diamond more accurately than ever before in order to bring that dream to life, Daniel laid the foundation for a company that prides itself on market leading engineering and one of a kind handiwork.

Perhaps more famed for their jewellery and accessories, Swarovski have built from a long-standing history to stand ahead of trends. Keeping ethics and integrity as the core company values, the family-run business boasts an unrivalled expertise, capable of bringing an air of glamour to any location.

Over the festive season, Swarovski have offered out an open invite to an exclusive journey into the world of all things bright and shiny - because who doesn't want to celebrate with a little bit of classic sparkle?

The company have opened a pop up store at 75 9th Avenue in New York, where each day offers something brand new. Running from the 4th - 10th December, this pop up store highlights the best, the brightest, and the newest of what Swarovski have to offer.

You can add sparkle to your holiday season with amazing products from incredible brands, all of which contain the world’s finest crystals. These products will be available at Swarovski’s exclusive pop-up shop for a limited time.