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News Flash: Swarovski partner with BSR

Posted on March 12 2018

As one of the leading names in luxury lighting design and manufacturing, Swarovski pride themselves to fulfilling their mission to better the industry and indeed the world that they are a part of. One such way the brand are continuing with this mission is through their Future Is Equal campaign, launched on this year's International Women's Day. As a company themselves that is comprised of a 78% female workforce, Swarovski distinctly recognises the importance of advancing equality and enabling women to fulfil their potential. It's not only good for business, but continues to have a positive impact upon society. Staying true to all of this, Swarovski are thrilled to announce a partnership with BSR. Together the two companies will explore the lives and challenges of women in the jewellery supply chain with the hopes of continuing to inspire industry wide action towards equality. The inspiration behind this partnership is simple: Swarovski are a brand committed to promoting and advancing a responsible industry for both their own staff and their customers and clients. As one of the most established names within their industry, the company see it as their responsibility to use the strength of their name to drive for positive change. Together with BSR, this ambitious project will create a non-competitive space for brands to come together in order to collaboratively seek solutions and positive development for female crafters. Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board, commented: “We are pleased to partner with the Business for Social Responsibility to take a leading role in advancing women’s empowerment within the jewellry industry. Promoting equality is at the heart of our sustainability agenda, and we look forward to inspiring collective action to drive positive change with this important project.” Aditi Mohapatra, BSR Women’s Empowerment Director, said: “While women make up a vast majority of the consumers of jewellry, very little is known about the challenges facing the women behind the products in the supply chain. We hope this partnership both raises awareness of the barriers these women experience and catalyses industry-wide action to eliminate gender gaps. Our research shows that there are many opportunities for companies to get involved, and we hope more will take action.”