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News Flash: Swarovski share new Wanderlust collection

Posted on February 07 2018

Swarovski's desire for experience and excellence has become a part of their modern mantra. Numbed by the technology-driven world, the brand yearn to refocus on the human element, in all of its emotional, intellectual and spiritual richness. Craving connection, seeking authenticity and desiring what is real, Swarovski travel the world exploring new cultures and regions in order to learn, grow, collect mementoes, and ultimately find happiness. They understand that for their audience, traveling is more than just visiting different places; they seek new meanings, creating memories, and making the best of every moment. Swarovski have taken to heart this philosophy of embracing experience in their new crystal Innovations & Inspirations for Spring/Summer 2019, aptly entitling the collection “Wanderlust.” This new collection highlights the reasons why people travel—for boundless joy, “barefoot luxury,” and a feeling of freedom. Wanderlust includes four trend themes: “Culture” reflects the contemporary desire to add creativity and colour to the everyday by using cities as urban backdrops for a more inclusive artistic expression. “Freedom” recalls the surfer mantra of the 70s - “take it easy” - seeking calming sensorial experience as a counterbalance to frenetic living. “Adventure” speaks to the quest for solitude, expressed in nomadic, off-the-beaten-track travel, and a life more in tune with nature. “Leisure” celebrates the new inclusivity of the seafaring world: previously the preserve of the elite, yachting is now the emblem of “barefoot luxury”—using leisure time to sail off to the next secret destination. When we dream of faraway places, the background for our perfect getaway is very often a particular quality of blue. Swarovski has called this addition to its palette “Majestic Blue,” a shade that’s as intense as the ocean and clear as the wide-open sky. For the new season, it comes in a whole variety of creatively inspiring cuts and shapes.   As Swarovski themselves implore, it's "time to indulge your Wanderlust and add a touch of brilliance to your life."