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News Flash: Swarovski share Sustainability Report

Posted on June 12 2017

Swarovski Lighting are a brand at the forefront of their field. When it comes to crystal lighting creations there's no other company with quite as much acclaim, esteem, or reverence. And it's clear why. Swarovski are the leaders in crystal creations across the market. But there's more to this brand than just a dazzling aesthetic.

Swarovski have always striven to create and promote sustainability. Continuing founder Daniel Swarovski bolsters a commitment to working in a way that respects the wellbeing not just of his staff, but of people worldwide, and beyond that, respects the wellbeing of the planet.

In their continued efforts to ensure this, Swarovski have released their fourth Sustainability Report (something they publish every two years) and refreshed their strategy on sustainability efforts. By renewing their approach and their policies in this way, the brand make sure they are always taking the pivotal steps they need to be in order to stay true to the founding vision while also adapting to meet the global challenges that are around today.

The Sustainability Report offers a comprehensive look at a multitude of Swarovski facility locations. In doing so it reaffirms the brand's commitment to driving positive change. This is achieved by improving the environment and the lives of people touched by the supply chain, inspiring and enabling others to be more sustainable, and working towards sustainable production and consumption methods.

The Sustainability Report also shares the strategic direction of sustainability efforts as defined by five priority themes in areas that Swarovski believe they can have the greatest impact in. These are water stewardship, women's empowerment, fair partnerships, conscious design, and sustainable innovation. Through these the company seeks to align their efforts with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Also highlighted in this report are the milestones and achievements that Swarovski have achieved over the past two years. These include meeting industry certifications, successful campaigns and collaborations, and progress in reducing the company's environmental impact. From significant reductions in energy consumption, through increased use of recycled water, to usage of renewable resources at manufacturing and production locations, this is Swarovski at their most successful.