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News Flash: Swarovski at Sundance

Posted on January 24 2018

It’s well known that Swarovski Lighting is created from the finest crystal. Behind the prestige and the price tag is much more than a glittering gem. The brand pride themselves on their social responsibility. They have been embedding it in the very function of the business since the company was created in 1895. Swarovski Lighting have always been a brand to present themselves with an unparalleled sense of excellence. The high quality they cultivate is present not only in their every design, but in the very materials they use to construct them, and right down to the processes and methods of functioning. When Daniel Swarovski opened the brand’s first production site high in the Austrian alps, he led his company to practice sustainable methods by relying on energy from the nearby rivers to manufacture his famous crystals. To this day, water continues to play a large part in Swarovski Lighting’s production processes, encouraging the whole of the lighting industry to better understand, and start to eradicate, the fresh water challenge at hand. Committing the brand to work towards minimising the environmental impact of operations and increasing overall efficiency, this is a programme purpose constructed to encourage environmentally responsible behaviours – a priority Swarovski Lighting take very seriously indeed. Deepening Swarovski’s sustainable roots in a society ensures that the company functions in a purposeful way. Sustainability reflects on the brand’s vision of a responsible company that not only has its employees’ well-being at heart but also that of the environment and humanity as a whole. The brand recently celebrated and commemorated their enduring quest towards social responsibility at the esteemed Sundance Festival, with a private screening of their film Waterschool. The film serves to shine a light on one of the greatest issues facing mankind: safeguarding the continuing supply of fresh water.