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Newsflash: Terzani Teases New Designs

Posted on March 31 2017

One of the boldest and brightest names in contemporary and cutting edge luxury lighting designs is Terzani. The products they create are luxury evolved. As the brand heads to Euroluce next month, they are going to be exhibiting some of their most stunning new designs.

Incorporating stunningly contemporary design, cutting edge technology, and artisan craftsmanship with precious materials, these new designs are sculptures of light giving off an illumination that transforms spaces with a dynamic effect. Playing with both light and shadow, these designs are one of a kind.

These three designs create a new visual language of what luxury is. They reflect today's aesthetics, architecture, and design traditions, all the while presenting an image of the future. All of these designs can be previewed below.


Manta - Shimmering Waves 

Crafted as if in freeform, the undulating lines and waves of soft crystal that serve as the structure of Manta create a light that's reminiscent of being underwater.


Epoque - Cyclical Light 

A contemporary expression of renaissance era techniques, Epoque is a stunning chandelier. Composed of curved, organic lines, the fixture envelops a room in reflections of soft light.


Kika - Get Dressep Up 

Embodying all the glamour and allure of the golden age of Hollywood, Kika is Terzani's newest pendant. Incorporating  contemporary technology with an innovative use of new materials, the fixture reflects one of the most exciting times in cinema, when everything was new and the technologies were rapidly evolving.