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Preview Boca Do Lobo's Legacy magazine

Posted on May 30 2018

Preview Boca Do Lobo's Legacy magazine
One of the brightest and most revered names in luxury design and beyond is Boca Do Lobo. This is a brand with a wealth of history and passion that continues to build towards a future of innovation and excellence with an unfailing adoration for their craft. As a celebration of this history and continued pursuit of excellence, Boca Do Lobo have unveiled a new edition of their Legacy magazine. A testimony to design and craftsmanship, this second edition of the publication aims to honour and elevate every designer and craftsman who works behind the scenes as part of the brand's devoted team. Legacy magazine tells the tale of the artists who have and continue to be a part of Boca Do Lobo's ongoing journey, shining a light on the lost art of craftsmanship through their eyes and voices for all of the world to see. A brand born from heritage and innovation, Boca Do Lobo has always held the strong belief that success and growth is determined by commitment. For this company that commitment is to designing and to producing luxury furniture and unique experiences for all who seek them. With this new edition of their magazine, the design brand continue to preserve their cultural legacy while successfully paving the way towards the future. This is the latest in the company's ongoing pursuit to remain ahead of the design scene, and it can be downloaded for free via the Boca Do Lobo website. This edition of Legacy magazine showcases exactly what the brand's craft means to them. With every product they construct, they strive to create something that is so unique it can only be made one time. For them, luxury is found in the skill that is used when someone makes something beautiful with their hands. The publication looks at several different methods Boca Do Lobo use in the construction of their products, offering their audience clear insight into exactly what goes into the products they might want to buy in to. Woodworking, leaf gilding, azulejo, metalworking, and filigree are all covered within this edition of Boca Do Lobo's Legacy. Each of these approaches and disciplines are carefully considered and applied. In Legacy magazine the brand go into fine detail, capturing the details and the peculiarities of the materials, as a crucial step of Boca do Lobo’s creative journey. Legacy is a tribute to a rich history, and a document devoted to an enduring future. It's an open window into the passion and drive of a brand that have always strived for excellence and never fall short of the mark. Luxury might not come easy, in terms of creation, but its something that presents itself effortlessly through design and construction. This is something Boca Do Lobo understand very well. Having built themselves up from the ground, with Legacy Boca Do Lobo showcase their passion and enthusiasm for their craft in all of its wonder and glory. Here at iLite we stock a wide range of Boca Do Lobo products. As ever, our expert staff are on hand to help you navigate these worlds of design and creation, to help make your journey the most effortless and rewarding it can be.