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Spotlight: Brand Van Egmond's Hollywood Collection

Posted on June 08 2017

Inspiration is something that can strike wherever you go. It's with eyes wide open and a sense of wonder that Brand Van Egmond create their lighting sculptures, and as such, it's a characteristic sense of wonder these sculptures instill.

The Hollywood collection is a powerful example of this. What we now know as the city of Toronto was likely named by the Mohawk Indians, derived from the Iroquois 'tkaronto', a word which here means 'place where trees stand in the water.' This refers to the northern end of what is now known as Lake Simcoe, where the Huron had planted tree saplings to corral fish.

While travelling the world together, Annet and William Brand were inspired by this. Touched by the slenderness and the pureness of the trees they encountered as they explored the world, the pair went on to conceive the Hollywood collection.

Much as nature comes in all manner of possible forms and shapes, so the Hollywood collection is equally as diverse. With the possibility for customisation with hand blown icicles, these are designs created to suit your setting and to meet your lighting needs.

As striking as they are sensational, with inspiration rooted in nature, their beauty frozen through their solid construction, these lighting sculptures are capable of bringing more than just illumination to a room. They offer a sense of majesty and awe, one that's as effortless as it is natural.