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Spotlight: Brand Van Egmond's grandest chandelier

Posted on February 24 2017

Brand Van Egmond have long been established as a trendsetter in exclusive handcrafted decorative lighting, positioned at the cutting edge of the industry with their uniquely dazzling luxury designs. The company continuously strive to push the boundaries of the lighting world, ensuring what they create is not only of the highest quality but also of the boldest capabilities.

The Project

The brand are currently working on a wholly unique project, one that is in perfect fitting with their ongoing mission to create the best. This project, once completed, will stand as the largest chandelier in the Middle East.

Currently undergoing construction, the installation is over 20 metres in size. Boasting the same intricate attention to detail that Brand Van Egmond instill in all their creations, this looks set to be one of their most majestic projects yet.

The Location

The installation is being installed in the Iranian city of Teheran, in the soon to be opened Galleria Mall. Lighting up seven floors of the building, the structure is large, lavish, and purpose built to amaze.

This isn’t the first mall to feature Brand Van Egmond’s distinctive handiwork. This company have had designs installed everywhere from London to Las Vegas to Kuala Lumpur. Each created with the same sense of unique character and marvel in mind, these unique products continue to set the company apart.

The Design

The design is based on Brand Van Egmond’s Kelp range (pictured above). A dramatic light source that brings a sense of the exhilarating to the interior, this design evolves into different shapes with a playful character, creating an aesthetic that’s as enjoyable as it is awe striking.

Created in partnership with long-standing friends Noa Design, there may still be a way to go yet before the product is complete, but once it stands in all its glory, you can be sure that the results of these efforts will showcase nothing short of splendor.