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Spotlight: Brand Van Egmond's Love You Love You Not

Posted on October 30 2017

Brand Van Egmond is a Dutch lighting design company that sits at the cutting edge of the lighting industry. The brand is an international trendsetter – for exclusive handcrafted decorative lighting designs, there’s no parallel. The brand and studio were started with one single intention: to “create art without restraints.” Driven by creativity, always striving towards the cutting edge of technology, Brand Van Egmond have established themselves with an impressive collection of lighting designs that continues to grow year on year. Brand Van Egmond guarantee their high level of quality with each product, handmaking each and every design specifically for the customer or client. With such a stellar reputation in handcrafted designs, the brand are often asked to customise their designs to suit clients and projects all over the world. Created by Annet van Egmond and William Brand for the Dutch label Brand Van Egmond, Love You Love You Not is perhaps one of the brand's most strikingly romantic designs. Created with adoration and wonder and mind, it offers a sense of character to any setting that people are sure to fall in love with. From a brand started with the integral philosophy that living and working spaces deserve hand-sculpted lighting that evokes emotion and brings character to its surroundings, Love You Love You Not is luxury at its most potent. "The rose, while the icon of love, also symbolises the thin line between love gained and love lost," the brand state on the website. "It’s out of your hands, pick the petals at random, and wonder; she loves me, she loves me not…" Love You Love You Not is a celebration of nature that combines floral inspired shapes with modern materials and techniques. From a distance, this elegant chandelier resembles a bouquet of roses whose curvy petals are strung together in a random pattern as though cascading from a bloom. The stunning frame of the chandelier is made from a mix of iron and steel, then filled with Swarovski crystals that glimmer in daylight but shine out with a real vibrancy when the light is switched on.