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Spotlight: David Hunt Lighting in Spring

Posted on May 12 2017

“The deep roots never doubt Spring will come.” It's with this quote from Marty Rubin (author of Boiled Frog Syndrome) that David Hunt Lighting welcome in Springtime. A season of new life, and a season of new beginnings, Spring arrives with an ideal of optimism in its step - and that's exactly what this brand are striving to preserve.

"It is the tale of Spring, to us, which defines the most unique season of all," David Hunt Lighting affirm. "It's the season of hope. The warmer sunshine reiterates to us that Winter has passed and we’re surrounded by new life. Plants begin to blossom and our beautiful wildlife appears once again."

Sure enough, with blossom in the air and leaves returning to the trees, there's no shortage of vibrance through the Spring season. It's a beautiful image, an energy that hangs ever present in the air as blossoms begin to float through the first glimpses of sunlit skies.

This an aesthetic and an energy that David Hunt Lighting strive to embody throughout their collections. "The charming colours of Spring inspire us to introduce greenery and vibrant shades into our homes," the brand describe. "After all, who doesn’t smile at the delight of tulips lighting up their home?"

Drawing vibrant colours into their designs, these are products made to suit you, the customer and the client. With a wide range of designs available, all of which are available with a number of customisable options to compliment your needs, there's never been a better time for a bit of a spring cleaning clear out.

The rang of David Hunt Lighting designs is available to view here at iLite Lighting, and our friendly staff are on hand to offer guidance or assistance with any questions, comments, or queries you may have.