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Spotlight: Crash & Bell - sound in symbolism

Posted on November 23 2016

One brand are bringing the lighting industry crashing into the twenty-first century. That brand is Diesel Lighting. They offer some of the most iconic in cutting edge and contemporary lighting designs. One such design is the Crash & Bell. Inspired by percussion instruments, these products are perfect for fans of music - whatever the era or style.


Crash is forged to resemble a hi-hat cymbal. Used as part of a standard drum kit, these can be heard throughout may varieties of contemporary music. The distinctive design roots the product in a culture of rock and roll. This embodies Diesel's motifs of passion and successful living.


Bell is designed to look like - well, exactly what it says on the label. A modern take on the traditional instrument style, this design is smoother. However, it loses none of the cutting edge culture. This is a feature of all Diesel Lighting products.


The Crash & Bell designs combine popular culture with lighting technologies. It's done in a way that no other company manages to pull off. These two designs are described as being "as independent but complementary as the members of a band."


The designs use a multi-faceted blown glass lamp holder that resembles vintage glassware. The products project beams of fragmented light onto the diffuser’s metal surface. The naked bulb is left in full view - a clear reference to the world of industry.

These designs are available in bronze and aluminium colours. Each product is given a surface treatment with small, concentric grooves. This makes them appear just like the instruments that inspired their design.