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Spotlight: Fork - fun in function

Posted on June 09 2016

With their iconic product lines, ranges, and collections, Diesel have always striven to embody a way of living. The brand give form to passions. They incorporate cultural references into their designs, fusing them together with an innate expertise. It's for these reasons that Diesel Lighting are at the forefront of the contemporary luxury lighting design market.


Diesel products aren't simply functional - they're a way of living. This is a potent example of how the brand infuse that ethos into the very being of everything they create. Like a lot of Diesel products, the Fork light is inspired by casual fashion. This is something the brand have long excelled at. This design is further inspired by campsite tents, and by an informal, playful and dynamic lifestyle. The design was conceived with inspiration and imagination in mind.


The Fork provokes memories of humble campsite tents. The patchwork structure and reminiscent fabric were carefully selected and created to capture the feel of a canvas tent. The light gives off a gentle illuminating glow within the fabric.

The fabric is stitched in the same image as the stitching used on Diesel's iconic jeans. It's bears Diesel's distinctive mark in its very creation. The rings on the fabric are also more than decoration. They were selected to respond to practical needs with an immediacy and simplicity.


This light is easily adaptable to suit your needs. Made to be flexible, the lampshade can be oriented 360 degrees. The stand is constructed with a series of joints. This makes the product mobile. It also keeps it simple to change the direction of the light into new positions as you see fit.


This light is made to kindle the imagination. It strives to transport the mind back to adventurous days of youth and exploration. The Fork brings a sense of exploration and excitement to life in your own setting.