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Spotlight: Rock - natural and industrial

Posted on November 09 2016

Diesel Lighting's iconic designs are at the forefront of the contemporary lighting industry. The brand draws on an innate ability to present a passion for culture as a way of life. This is how it is for most of society. The brand name is famed for bold and iconic creations. It's long been the case with their fashion, and it remains the same throughout their lighting ranges.


Rock is just one example of Diesel Lighting's bold and characteristic creativity. An interplay of surprises and contrasts, the design draws its inspiration from nature. The structure is forged in the image of a volcanic rock breaking apart to reveal a precious jewel within. With sharp angles on the exterior of the light, Rock is at once mysterious and unblurred.


The outside of the lamp is rough and angular, with a scattering of golden note coating the jagged shape. Inside the surface shimmers, covered in a smooth mother of pearl. Diamond bright and iridescent, the materials reflect the light source in the internal surface as crystal. This produces an effect that continuously proves both surprising and unforgettable.


A striking light feature for public or domestic settings, Rock's asymmetric design is the result of an evolution of logic. This design is built to be noticed. The cutting edge product takes a natural inspiration and roots it in a modern aesthetic. The result is truly unique.

The light is available as a ceiling light and a floor lamp in a variety of colours. Rock is an awe-striking addition to any setting.