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Spotlight: Dyberg Larsen's DIY Light

Posted on May 11 2017

From Denmark comes a fantastic range of lamps for your home under the name of Dyberg Larsen Lighting. Drawing their inspiration from the vast culture and evolving technologies that surrounds them, the entire range is assembled in their own factories in Denmark, with an emphasis on combining metal and glass in unique and creative ways.

Or, at least, that always has been the way. Now Dyberg Larsen are presenting something new: a DIY light you can design and build for yourself. It's the utmost level of customisation: a light that you can create with your own personal and characteristic design, totally unique to you. And it's simple to make - all it takes is a few easy steps.

To assist in the creation and assembly of this DIY Designer light, the brand have created an informative video to show the process of assembly. The rest of the process of this light's construction - the creativity, how this light looks - is all up to you.

The procedure for this light is the same for all styles in Dyberg Larsen's Illumin range. All you need is the base pendant, then you're on your way to being your own lighting designer. For an understanding as to how this works, you can watch the video step by step assembly guide below.