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Spotlight: Flos' Bon Jour - wireless wonder

Posted on January 02 2017

Flos Lighting have always striven to push the boundaries of technology. Their latest product is no different. Demonstrating the brand's trademark cutting edge design, the Bon Jour Unplugged is a light unlike any other.

The Design

Designed by Philippe Starck, this product is an advancement on the already popular Bon Jour product. Created with simplicity and elegance in mind, this design has long been successful as a table lamp. Flos have improved upon this by creating a version of the light that embodies the same underlying magnificence with the added feature of portability.

The Technology

The Bon Jour Unplugged is created using Flos' revolutionary Edge Lighting Technology, combining maximum efficiency and performance with visual comfort. With micro USB rechargeable batteries, the product is purpose built for use on the move. When in use, a dimmer switch on the product's base allows the user to adjust the brightness of the light between 10% - 100% as suits their needs. The lamp has six hours of battery life (when used at its highest luminous intensity), and is fully chargeable within three hours.


At the heart of this design is adaptability. This is a product that's made to suit the user, in both usage and design. The Bon Jour Unplugged lamp is available in a number of finishes, including white, chrome, matt chrome, and copper. For an added layer of personalisation, interchangeable crowns are available for the product that can be switched according to the users mood. These crowns are available in yellow, amber, or fumée.

The Purpose

This unplugged edition of the Bon Jour lamp is designed with adaptability as a main function. Flos themselves describe the product as "designed to follow you from the moment you wake up until the evening, in every room or outside your home, in every moment of the day or any adventure."