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Spotlight: Captain Flint - beauty in balance

Posted on May 24 2016

Captain Flint is a floor light with a twist - quite literally. The lamp was designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos. It can be altered to fit the function that suits you - all it takes is a simple turn.


"I wanted to design a light that had a dual purpose," Anastassiades explains of his design. As an uplighter, the Captain Flint offers a warm glow. It also serves by "illuminating the space with ambient lighting" - a function is hinged on "a notion of balance."

Not suited with simply lighting up a location, the design also has a personable touch. It boasts "a delicate rotation becomes a dim companion for reading."

Anastassiades describes the light's characteristic design as "a cone resting delicately on its point on a rotating rod."


It's an 'invisible' system that keeps the cone balanced on the structure. This also directs the diffused light - in a way that's both simple and practical - in any direction. It's formal and also functional, combining a characteristic aesthetic with a useful purpose.

Captain Flint's minimalist design is both contemporary and classy. The classic look of the brass structure blends perfectly with the precious marble base. It's a potent balance of delicacy rooted in strength. It's a versatile harmony too organic to be forced.

Bridging the gap between industrial and decorative, Flos' Captain Flint fuses action with art. Offering simplicity without being negligent, the design is the result of accuracy honed to the finest detail. Minimal and also masterful, this light places an air of fun into it's function.