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Spotlight: Extra T - a moment frozen

Posted on November 21 2016

Flos are a lighting design company famed for their modern take on classic ideas. The brand proudly present the Extra T. With it's unique style, this product is created to instill a sense of awe and wonder.


The light is designed by Michael Anastassiades. The Extra T is "a balancing act between a glowing sphere and a rectangular plane captured, before their separation."


The orb of light seems to hover next to a tilted metallic plane. It's "a frozen moment suggesting something unexpected is about to happen," Anastassiades describes. "Is the glass sphere about to roll off the edge of the table? Or will the plane fall flat from its edge?"

Of course, nether happen. Created to seem ever on the edge of movement, the Extra T is an astonishing piece. It makes for an astounding addition to any setting or location.


The process behind Flos' Extra T's creation in engineered towards giving you the highest quality product. The metal body of the design is machined directly from an aluminium slab. This is done using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technologies. These conserve all the qualities and purities of the raw material in terms of its mechanical and physical aesthetic.


When it comes to the light sphere, the latest generation of LED COB source emits an intense glow. This is comfortably diffused by the hand-blown opal glass material of the globe. The thermal properties of the solid aluminium body dissipate the heat. It's a complex process, but it brings to life the design with an effortless grace and charisma. It cannot be faulted or rivaled.