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Spotlight: Flos' Serena

Posted on April 24 2017

Serena is designed by Patricia Urquiola, a Milan based artist who opened her own studio in 2001, and has since become something a household name in product design, architecture, interiors, installations, and concept creation.

Demonstrating such a respected ability to instill splendour into everyday items and functions, Urquiola was the perfect partner for Flos Lighting. Together the pairing has brought about such successful designs as Tatou, Chasen, and Serena.

"Inspired by the natural world, by leaves of different shape and colour that become its playful diffusers, reflecting or allowing the light to pass through," Flos illustrate of Serena's design. "Serena is a light that wants to fit in, it is domestic by nature."

The dynamic reflector is built with a natural and light movement. It is designed in the image of a leaf moved by a mysterious and slight current of air. It appears to be hovering, the beauty and lightness of a moment captured in stillness. It can be directed to obtain an intense, precise reflected light, a dazzling effect at your control.

The structure of the lighting body, along with a search for more efficient surface treatments, reduces the LED source's visual impact to a minimum. It also provides the user with the best of comfort.

This is allied with a superior quality lighting technology. The subject of continuous research, Serena, like all of Flos Lighting's designs, makes use of the most cutting edge processes and technologies, with no compromise made as to usability or luxury.