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Spotlight: Wall Piercing - impressions in colour

Posted on June 08 2016

There are many factors that can affect the way that light sources illuminate a room. All of them are carefully considered by designers and manufacturers. Forging their products to the highest of quality, Flos are very aware of this. But is one light really right for every occasion?


It's long been a documented fact that colour can have a profound effect on a mood. It can even have an effect on a heart rate. Studies have found that when combined with light, colour can even affect a circadian rhythm.

For example, red light is the least likely to affect a person's internal clock. That makes it the ideal colour for use in the evenings. Blue and white light however, are found to be much more disruptive to sleep patterns. Whilst recommended to be kept minimal at night, in a morning this can aid in reducing sleepiness and increasing attentiveness.


Flos understand the importance of this in the creation of their designs. The company set themselves ahead of the curve with the introduction of a new LED lighting system. This new innovation can be programmed to display an ever changing colour palette.

Designed by Ron Gilad, the Wall Piercing system is made from ring shaped aluminium and polycarbonate units. These are embedded with LEDs that enable users to choose from a range of light colours. They can even change the intensity of the illumination to suit the desired mood.

Innovating this level of customisation, Flos have created a light that is adaptable to your very mood.