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Spotlight: Caboche - illusion in illumination

Posted on October 21 2016

The Caboche range from Foscarini is both a technical solution and a work of art. It couples function with design in an awe inducing harmony.


This range was born from the minds of Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto. The former is a Spanish designer famed for her collaborations with a number of international brands. The latter is a Venice born graphic designer, industrial designer, set curator, and interior decorator. Working together they created a design available in a variety of forms. This thereby makes their iconic illumination adaptable to the setting you seek.


This fixture is composed by spheres of polymetylmetacrylate in either golden yellow or transparent. The Caboche suspension lamp uses a screen of white satinized blown glass. This guarantees a maximum diffusion of light and to prevent glare. Every sphere recreates the image of the light source inside it and the environment that surrounds it.


A newer LED edition of the light affords both durability and high energy efficiency levels. This newer version is created to retain all the emotion of the original model. To achieve this, the LED edition underwent a lengthy lighting technology design project. This process was developed by Foscarini. They did this in order to assure the LED creates the same characteristic and unmistakable effect of the original model.


As well as a suspension lamp, Foscarini's Caboche is also available as a multiple composition. This makes it possible to combine up to six small lamps. The miniature versions of the design create cascades of light with a high emotional impact. Particularly suited to settings such as staircases, this design is able to adapt to and enrich any interior setting.