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Spotlight: Foscarini's Chouchin

Posted on January 10 2018

A leading name in contemporary lighting designs, Foscarini Lighting strives to be “free, passionate, unconventional and right at the heart of the industry in which it thrives.” A technological and creative workshop that conceives, develops, and produces “not just lamps but pure emotions,” this brand stands out from the crowd with unmistakable character. Exploring an entire world of materials and solutions, Foscarini Lighting is a designing and technological tour de force. Inspiration is always valued and nurtured at Foscarini Lighting, but the development phase of the brand’s designs can sometimes take years. Progressive research is undertaken with every design, analysing the materials, shapes, processes, and operating modes involved with every design. Each of these factors can have a huge impact on the final product, and through this research Foscarini ensure the best options are chosen for each design – sometimes ever turning out drastically different from the initial concept. The Chouchin range takes its name from the Japanese word for the traditional, symbolic paper and bamboo lanterns used as light, luminous signs outside public places or as lucky charms outside homes. The family of Chouchin is a collection of three suspension lights made of blown glass of various shapes, sizes and colours. It includes three shapes, each with its own colour: orange for the n.1 version, grey for the n. 3 version and green for the elongated one n. 2. The lacquered glass screens the light completely and therefore the main body spreads light only where it is not coloured, through the white collar. It emits a very warm, gentle glow and a direct, strong, concentrated light. Canopy decentralisation kit - multiple canopy available (up to 6 suspension lamps) The Chouchin range from Foscarini consists of not only different colours but different forms as well. The Chouchin Suspension, the Chouchin Mini Suspension, and the Chouchin Reverse Suspension each offer something different, making this a design that can be suited to an array of different lighting requirements.