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Spotlight: Lake - liquid lighting

Posted on November 14 2016

A shimmering pool of vibrance, Lake is one of Foscarini's most iconic designs. A wall lamp that's instantly recognizable from its organic and also asymmetrical shape, the fixture is flooded with colour.


The light is distinctive not only in design, but also in function. The Lake light casts a fluid glow from an unusual location: the external brim of the fixture. A small space hidden within the bent edge of the lamp's design both accommodates and conceals the LED light source. The light is diffused inwards, shining all through the lamps glossy surface.


The reason for this? Resembling water turning into a drip from the light source, the Lake wall lamp is designed with fluidity in mind. Taking inspiration from the natural world around us, the product boasts an unparalleled sleekness.


Made from varnished injection molded ABS, this design is every bit as smooth and also as glossy as it looks. The lamp is created with a dimmer feature, which only adds to its potency. You can heighten the intensity or introduce another mood altogether within an instant. The light can adapt to any location or occasion as required by you.


Foscarini's Lake wall lamp is filled with character. Available in a range of colours, it serves as a powerful addition to any setting. It's unconventional in both shape and composition. The design is especially ideal for creating arrangements of light, colour, and movement to large walls.