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Spotlight: Lumiere Piccola - vibrance in miniature

Posted on June 10 2016

There's an age old saying that good things come in small packages. The same can indeed be true for lighting. The Lumiere Piccola is indeed miniature. However, that doesn't stop it from being one of Foscarini's most mightily popular designs.


This product is designed by the celebrated Rodolfo Dordoni. He is an architect whose work ranges across art directions, furnishings, exhibitions, renovations, and beyond. Dordoni has placed his signature on some of the most famous objects of Italian design.


The Lumiere Piccola is a small yet intricately crafted lamp. It's capable of bringing a bright and colourful sense of sophistication to any contemporary interior. The design is forged with a glass shade blown by hand. The outer layer of the shade is available in an array of vibrant and playful colours. These include white, warm white, cherry red, and turquoise. Each has a white inner layer and a polished finish, in order to give the design its characteristically sleek image.


This product furthers the customization and personality that Foscarini pride in their products. The base of the lamp is available in three finishes to suit you: black chrome, polished aluminium, and champagne. Each adds a different note of character to the overall design.

The design is also available in a larger size - the Lumiere Grande - for those with more space. The vast range of custom options available mean that this a lamp made to suit you. The Lumiere Piccola brings a warm glow to your location with a smooth sense of class.