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Spotlight: Rituals - illuminating tradition

Posted on May 16 2016

One of Foscarini's most popular designs, Rituals embodies the poetry and lightness of the East and the West. These lights draw their inspiration from traditional Japanese lanterns. Milan based architects Ludovica and Roberto Palomba created these designs to be lightweight. At the same time, they brim with a unique texture and character.


Created in different complementing shapes, the versatile lamps are perfect for a variety of settings. These designs are built from blown and frosted glass.


Foscarini's Rituals convey the same magic as the traditional Japanese lantern materials of rice paper or mulberry tree bark. Rooted in history, the design's crisp, cream colouring gives each Rituals product a contemporary feel. Culturally classic, yet distinctly modern, these lights are a powerful addition to any room.


Horizontal lines of varying thickness cut across the surface of the lamps, arranged in an intentionally casual fashion. These give the lights a soft and charming illumination. At the same time they filter the intensity of the light source. With a pleasantly plaster-like appearance, the blown glass body of the lamp hangs on three metal feet. The lamp appears to hover in the air above these. It's a distinguishing trait, and an integral part of the design's magic.


Foscarini's Rituals is perfect for use alone, or in a harmonious combination. The designs are created to diffuse a full, warm and soft light into any setting. They're imbued with themes of relaxation and meditation. These lights are forged as a beacon, fulfilling the purpose of bringing a welcoming glow to any setting.