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Spotlight: Uto - flexibility in function

Posted on November 04 2016

Pleasant to sight and also to touch, Foscarini's Uto fixture is characteristically playful in design. Reassuringly sturdy, familiarly shaped, but still innovative in its creation, the Uto changes according to the needs of the moment.


It's the first model able to completely interact and adapt to the user's desires. The Uto is created with a unique flexibility in mind. It can be positioned exactly as you wish it. The light is also able to follow you from one room to the next. Unique in function, the light's unique flexibility is part of what makes it so durable.


It can hang from the wall or it can be sit upon the ceiling as the setting requires. The design is adaptable. The light can be a floor lamp or a table lamp. It adapts to the needs of the moment. Further to the lights durability and versatility, it is perfectly suited to be used both indoor and outdoor. The light is equally as vibrant in the garden as it is in the living room.


Made of a supple silicon rubber, Foscarini's Uto light has a spirited design. It is available in a range of bright colours (including white, yellow, and orange) to invoke a sense of whimsy. A polycarbonate screen protects and insulates the bulb, whilst allowing the passage of direct light for an illuminating glow.

This light serves a function that's constantly re-definable as you see fit. Foscarini's Uto brings an air of chic modernity to any setting, and a touch of style to any purpose.