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Spotlight: Foscarini's Anisha

Posted on January 17 2018

A leading name in contemporary lighting designs, Foscarini Lighting strives to be “free, passionate, unconventional and right at the heart of the industry in which it thrives.” A technological and creative workshop that conceives, develops, and produces “not just lamps but pure emotions,” this brand stands out from the crowd with unmistakable character. Exploring an entire world of materials and solutions, Foscarini Lighting is a designing and technological tour de force. Since the company was first started, Foscarini Lighting have maintained a reputation for fresh ideas and technological innovation. It’s been a long road that’s brought the brand to where they are today. Foscarini Lighting have always focused on developing new products, but the only ones that make it past the development stage are the ones that express new ideas. These designs are imagined and created in collaboration with designers from all around the world. This benefits the company in two ways. Firstly, they can maintain an international expertise in their field, and secondly, they can take on board inspirations and ideas from all across the globe. The Spanish word 'anisho' translates to English to mean 'ring'. Simple and straight to the point, the word is Anisha has a simple, mysterious form that hints at what is to come by defining a frame to be magically filled with light. With a frame that feels at once fluid and solid, the Anisha light fixture takes the form of an irregular ellipse that offers a unique sense of becoming. Anisha outlines an empty space, but not just that, it defines it, filling it with its illumination, producing a sensation that's entirely magical. Realised in ABS, the table lamp Anisha is available in two two colours: apure white that blends with the space, or a bold red for a decisive, recognisable presence. This design is suitable for a wide range of settings, environments and uses. In the entrance, in a lounge, bedroom, or on a desk, with its light spirit and unmistakable identity: both on and off.