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Spotlight: Foscarini's Dolmen

Posted on January 15 2018

One of the most iconic designs in Foscarini Lighting’s history is that of the Dolmen fixture. The characteristically contemporary design has been reworked to adapt to the new opportunities offered by LED technology, offering a much revered creation in a wholly futuristic light. This new edition of the Dolmen design is a piece with a forceful symbolic value. The creation is an expression of a lamp-sculpture concept that never escapes notice, thanks to the exceptional character of the monolithic form. The design has four large openings similar to the portholes of a ship, evoking imagery of escapism and adventure. The unusual positioning of the light fixture against the wall gives the Dolmen an almost magical sense of allure, making it a true attention stealer in any setting. The simple design of Foscarini's Dolmen allows it to flood rooms with soft light. As a result this product is an asset where a high intensity of light is required. The intensity of light could be managed by using these lamps in multiple assemblies. The Dolmen design can be used in a multitude of ways. It is possible to use it as a wall lamp or as a hanging lamp. Another option is to leave it leaning against a wall. Foscarini Dolmen is designed for the sole purpose of illumination. As a result, it is able to illuminate any area to any level. In case you need high intensity of light anywhere, you can depend on this lamp. The light source uses two florescent bulbs. As there are two diffusers one in front and one in the rear the illumination provided by the two bulbs is fully utilised. The sturdy frame makes it possible to take it anywhere, adaptable to different settings to suit a multitude of your lighting needs.