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Spotlight: Foscarini's Satellight

Posted on May 11 2017

Born in the beautiful glass workshops of Murano, just a short distance across the water from Venice, Foscarini Lighting is a brand with a personality unlike any other. Still located in Murano, a place known for its World Famous glass (which can be seen throughout Foscarini's modern and minimalist lighting ranges), the designs this brand create are as characteristic as they are creative, and as fun as they are functional.

Foscarini symbolises freedom, passion, and unconventionality. This is everything that the brand stand for. Within the workshops where creativity and technology are harmoniously intertwined, it is not just lamps but pure emotion that is created.

One of the newest additions to the Foscarini range is the Satellight. Drawing inspiration from themes of space, of surreality, of the ethereal, and of the out of this world, this design is as mystifying as it is illuminating.

"A suspended luminous globe, like the moon in the night sky or a fragment of light that flies, seeking freedom," Foscarini describe of the design. "Satellight is a simple, immediately understandable object, but at the same time it is original and profound in its poetic lightness, that goes straight to the heart."

Hovering as if by magic, suspended on a beam of light itself, taking inspiration from the classic image of a UFO, the Satellight's charm is equal parts instant and engaging.