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Spotlight: Grok Lighting's Tubs

Posted on January 31 2018

Grok Lighting is a subsidiary luxury design branch of Spanish lighting design company LEDS-C4. A major part of the brand’s output, Grok Lighting is where you can find LEDS-C4’s most high end luxury designs. One of their most striking designs of the moment is Tubs. With its unique structure, the geometry of its pyramid-shaped lines trap the light inside, delicately highlighting and creating order wherever it is used. It boasts a soft but powerful light that makes it the perfect versatile accompaniment for large spaces. Both contemporary and unconventional, Tubs is a collection of suspension lamps that translates to design its minimalist inspiration. It surprises with its delightful ability to characterise your large public and private environments, by creating an impressive aesthetic appeal in the surrounding space, penetrating the darkness with amazing play of lights and bright pyramidal geometries. The Tubs suspension lamp consists of a metal frame painted in black, while the lower frame is made up of LED light sources shielded by a thin PMMA diffuser that achieves an extremely harmonic distribution of light without glaring. Its original design and highly distinctive appearance bring beauty and elegance to any setting and become a stylish furnishing element capable of enhancing your interiors. In order to satisfy your lighting needs, the Tubs suspension lamp comes in two sizes.