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Spotlight: Grok's Voiles

Posted on April 06 2018

Grok Lighting is a subsidiary luxury design branch of Spanish lighting design company LEDS-C4. A major part of the brand’s output, Grok Lighting is where you can find LEDS-C4’s most high end luxury designs. One of their most characteristic contemporary luxury lighting designs arrives in the guise of Voiles. Taking the French word for 'sails' as its name, the creation instantly evokes imagery of bold and clear shapes, along with a sense of freedom and possibility - and that's something the product can achieve before you even see the fixture itself. Voiles is as distinctive and characteristic as its name suggests. Clarity, poetry and harmony define the spirit of this hand crafted luminaire. Designed by Céline Wright, the Voiles fixture is ideal for illuminating large spaces. Voiles is, as its name suggests, an open invitation to travel, a sense of exploration that can be found and achieved without even leaving your setting. A spectacular aerial installation created for Grok, this design is truly one of a kind. The movement of the sails - the different sections and shapes that create Voiles' unique structure - is underlined by the layering of Washi paper, which radiates out from the central axis with an illumination suitable for any setting. The collaboration between Grok and Céline Wright perfectly combines a first-class LED Technology with the lightness and poetry of paper. You can see more in the video below.