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Spotlight: Ilfari's Crystal Hearts

Posted on May 29 2017

Ilfari is quite possibly the last word in contemporary stylish luxury lighting. This is a brand famed all over the world for breathtakingly beautiful lighting creations. Their designs are both whimsical and wonderfully eccentric, brought to life by the most cutting edge technologies and techniques.

All of Ilfari Lighting's designs are inspired by dance music, which seems to flow through the offbeat elegance of these lighting creations, bringing delicacy and a sense of movement to any setting, serving the many identities and multiple function a room has.

The brand was founded in 2001 by designer Coen Munsters. He describes Ilfari’s style as “classic with a modern touch.” These are designs deliberately set out to amaze people, start discussions, and become focal points of an interior.

This is something he manages to achieve in particularly spectacular style with latest design, Crystal Hearts. The inside of the fixture is covered completely with a new and highly exclusive Swarovski fabric. Crystal Hearts uses the sparkle of this material to connect the lines of the fixtures.

The outcome is an organic and classical sculpture with various rings placed side by side. From within this construction the sparkle of Crystal Hearts is visible from every angle. Like all Ilfari Lighting constructions, this is a piece of art straight from the heart.