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Spotlight: LEDS-C4's Radar

Posted on April 11 2018

For luxury lighting designs with an innately recognisable sense of functionality, LEDS C4 are a brand at the top of their game. Fusing a luxury aesthetic with effortless usability, these are designs with a distinct sense of personality capable of illuminating any setting and meeting any lighting needs as you require.

Adaptability has always been at the forefront of LEDS C4's mind. The luxury lighting market is vast, as too are the lighting needs of their customers. Creating designs with various customisable options, these are products purpose constructed with versatility to ensure that you can find exactly the right option to suit you.

LEDS C4 recently shone a spotlight on their Radar designs. A contemporary reading light with a smooth and circular design, the Radar fixture finds its personality in its simplicity. Clear and graceful, the Radar light wears its functionality with pride.

Like every design that LEDS C4 create, the Radar fixture also boasts a characteristic sense of versatility. With the option of six different finishes, this is a light that can be made to suit whatever lighting needs you or your setting may have.

As described by LEDS C4 themselves, "the modern reading light Radar comes in 6 finishes, with 360º rotation, and no visible screws; it’s easy to install." Effortless to insert into your setting or project, easy to admire, and simple to use, the Radar design embodies all of LEDS C4's goals.