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Spotlight: Absolute Black - dazzling in darkness

Posted on November 07 2016

Famed for their porcelain expertise, Lladro Lighting have crafted a product with a darkly bewitching beauty. The brand are thrilled to present the newest addition to the Belle de Nuit collection: the Absolute Black chandelier.

The Inspiration

The Belle de Nuit is a uniquely beautiful plant. At night, its dark petals look to reflect the moonlight. They appear to be taking on magical and slightly ethereal qualities as they glow in the dark. It's this plant, with all its characteristic properties, that serves as the inspiration for the Belle de Nuit lighting collection.

The Design

The new chandelier, named Absolute Black, draws on that inspiration to bring a new magic to an existing range. The classic porcelain hanging lamps reinterpret through the unique language of their material. They give a sense of elegance and sophistication. All of the designs decorative elements are handmade from porcelain. They are painted in intensely deep black with a combination of glazed and matte finishes.

The Impact

White lampshades add an air of clarity to the design. The light sources also filter through the translucent property of the porcelain. This brings out all the delicate motifs etched intricately across the surface. Alternatively, there's the option to replaces the white porcelain lithophanes with black silk lampshades. This shrouds the entire design in a dark beauty.

The Product

The Absolute Black chandelier is available in a number of standard models and sizes. Lladro Lighting also offer customized versions of the light in varying lengths and diameters. These are then delivered with the same high standard of efficient and personalized service. This is something that the brand have prided themselves on for years.