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Spotlight: Freeze Frame - still life

Posted on October 19 2016

Lladro pride themselves on an unparalleled porcelain excellence. They bring an unparalleled character to light with distinction. Their designs bring an iconic warmth to any setting - and there's none more enchanting than the Freeze Frame.


This Lladro Lighting product is demonstrative of the irreplaceable skills at the company's core. It is crafted by hand to the highest quality. Furthermore, the design is rooted in nature and reflective of surrealism (one of Spain's key cultural and artistic influences. The Freeze Frame is both striking and stylish, instilled with an awe striking sense of magic.


The pendant light is a moment frozen in time. It fuses drama with a sense of poetry. The Freeze Frame finds a stillness within motion. In the process, it creates a lighting effect that's truly iconic.


A pendant light hangs in the middle of a hand blown glass frame. Adorned with porcelain birds or butterflies, the design captures the motion of nature and makes it permanent. It combines an air of the theatrical with hints of whimsy and wonder.


The porcelain sculptures hang in the air as if spelled there. Once lit, these porcelain animals cast their shadows around the room, bringing the creation into a new lease of life. The design takes solid materials and gives them an energy so real you can visualize the action. In essence, the Freeze Frame is lighting at its most dynamic.

It's an extremely powerful addition to any location. The Freeze Frame's playful take on light and shadow adds an extra dynamic to the setting it illuminates.