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Spotlight: Niagara Chandelier - fantasy in function

Posted on October 31 2016

This brand have long been famed for their unparalleled expertise in porcelain creations. Striving for excellence, Lladro Lighting use their designs to bring to life an iconic sense of character. And there's none more magical than the Niagara Chandelier.

The Chandelier 

The Niagara Chandelier is a backdrop to the most fanciful of daydreams. It's a glimmer of make believe embodied in reality, and it's also a fanciful belief brought to life. Dramatic and also dazzling, the design is rooted in fantasy and folklore. It illuminates the setting with a sense of motion and majesty. The Niagara brings faith to light with astounding detail and furthermore with a bewitching majesty.

The Imagery

It looks as if it emerged straight from the pages of a storybook. The design is constructed with an innate sense of motion, mysticism, and also wonder. It's fashioned with over a hundred porcelain fairies. Each of these is handmade with intricate detail. The whimsical creations are then attached to the chandelier with thin, silvery fiber-optic strands.

The Impact

It creates the gentle illusion of fairies dancing in midair. These are illuminated with a spectral sparkle and they cast ethereal shadows in a location. The design is also wholly unique in its sense of sorcery.

The Design

The light was designed by Bodo Sperlein. Every care is taken to forge this product with every sense of the enchantment that it embodies. The butterfly-like wings of each fairy are sprinkled with golden dust. This adds the glimmering sense of magic right down to the finest detail.

The Product

The light is hand crafted by local artisans in the Spanish town of Valencia. The design is also available with a white or black canopy. It can also be made to a customized size.