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Spotlight: Lladro in Spring

Posted on May 11 2017

Spring is well and truly here, and with its arrival, Lladro Lighting are breathing a new life into their creations. Sharing their spring catalogue, the brand are bringing the warmth of their porcelain creations to a new level of vibrancy, one that echoes the heat of the season we're in.

"Imagine a riot of flowers in your bedroom, a pond in your living room, a romantic lady in your office or a band of little animals in your kitchen," they introduce, "and everything lit by a beam of light that washes over and fills the spaces with positive energy. This spring, Lladro brings you all of this and more in creations that bring to mind the very best of each season."

"It's time to enjoy nature, the open air, sports..." they continue, "and also to invite those passions into our favourite places. Lladro makes it possible thanks to porcelains that will always remind us of our most cherished moments. Pieces crafted and painted by hand, one by one, by the brand's artists at its only factory in the world in Valencia, where all Lladro creations are born."

With such a distinct material, such steadfast innovation, and such a strongly presented sense of character, Lladro are celebrating the season like no other. Their spring catalogue can be viewed online below.