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Spotlight: Lladro's candle jars

Posted on March 23 2018

When it comes to traditional inspiration and visually stunning creations, there isn't any brand quite like Lladro. Their expertise extends beyond the porcelain craft that serves as their most distinguished selling point. When it comes to lighting, theirs is truly a craft of passion. It's not just the brand's lighting fixtures that shine among the crowd, but their home decor items as well. Take, for example, their candle jars. A simple way to add romance, ambience, and fragrance to a room, these are the mark of a special occasion, the perfect gifts, or a beautiful illumination for events, family gatherings, and quiet moments. The simple addition of one or more of Lladro's candle jars can really make a space glow. A favourite among decorators and designers alike, these items offer an effotless way to spruce up a room. With a range that comprises of luxury selections in the finest fragrances, containers, and colours, these candle jars are entirely unique. Whether used in an architectural setting to add their own unique sense of character to a room, as a beautiful gift idea, to show off the classic qualities of porcelain, to bring a sense of romance to a setting, to decorate an evening tabletop, or something else besides, these candle jars are products unlike any other. Lladro themselves have even shared an everyday decorators tip to help you get the most out of your candle jar investment. "Finish your space with fragrances and candle jars," they advise. "Whatever style one prefers the candle jar is an ideal present for whomever you chose or even yourself when you need something special to make your space more charming. For more little gift ideas visit our curated collection."