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Spotlight: Lladro's Firefly

Posted on February 22 2017

Lladro have long been famed for their unparalleled ability to work and create with porcelain. To branch out into lighting seemed only natural for the brand - and that's exactly what their designs offer. Porcelain imbues light with a warmth, one that instills any room with a natural grace.

The Design

Lladro Lighting's Firefly is a collection of lamps with a light all of their own. With organic designs and bright colours, these products feel both natural and playful. Warm light filters through the porcelain, offering an illumination that truly seems to shine.

The Feature

These lamps are welcome points of light that you can take any place. Created with portability in mind, the multi-setting approach adds to the air of playfullness that Firefly embody. This is the first collection of cordless lamps in Lladró porcelain

The Effect

With Firefly, Lladro Lighting are offering an invitation to recover the sensation of natural light. These designs are created with the perfect intensity for special encounters. Created with a classic air of grace, these products are full of magic. Using cutting-edge technology, they stand at once in history and at the forefront of the lighting world.