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Spotlight: Lladro's Firefly

Posted on October 30 2017

Lladro Lighting has one of the most fascinating stories of porcelain in the world. An analogue brand in the 21st century, these craftsmen are alchemists of porcelain. The brand creates dreams in porcelain. Each light is handmade in Spain by expert craftsmen. This is done with technical perfection and also with artistic excellence. The magic of the light as it is filtered through the porcelain is exactly what makes Lladro products so unique. A wonderful alternative to the traditional crystal chandeliers while still maintaining the luxurious feel. There is a chandelier for every style and a customised lighting solution for any space. The sky is the limit, no idea is too big or small. One design that found it's inspiration in something small and presents itself as something characteristically spectacular is that of the Firefly collection. As the name suggests, the Firefly collection draws it's inspiration from the magical quality of emitting light demonstrated in nature by the Firefly. Not only splendid in their aesthetic, the Firefly collection is a feat of technology too. This collection is the first set of cordless lamps to be created in Lladro's character defining porcelain. Built with chargeable batteries and independent LED lighting, the Firefly collection is perfectly suited to any space, be it indoor or outdoor. With designs inspired by plant motifs and decorated with attractive combinations of colours, these distinctive designs combine state-of-the-art cordless lighting technology with the exclusiveness of handmade Lladró porcelain, including the screens whose translucent quality lets the light filter through to produce a warm, intense glow, much like that of the creature that inspired their creation.