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Spotlight: Mantra's Alboran

Posted on March 05 2018

An internationally recognised manufacturer of designer lighting at affordable prices, Mantra Lighting offer a range of over 1000 products, each of which has its own identity and character. With Mantra Lighting there is never a shortage of choice. Every product Mantra Lighting makes undergoes an intensive screening process to ensure that the highest quality is attained for every aspect of the design. From the choice of the materials used to make the fittings right through to the way they are packaged to ensure safe transit, making sure to make no sacrifices when it comes to style or service, every care is taken so that you can be sure that your choice to purchase a product from Mantra Lighting with not be regretted. Mantra Lighting have positioned themselves at the forefront of the industry when it comes to their technologies. This is a brand that invests a lot of time and money into modern manufacturing techniques and materials. By doing this, Mantra Lighting have managed to achieve the creation of one of the best selections of energy saving products that’s currently available on the luxury lighting market. The brand produce an average of eight new collections every year. Managing to remain this productive with no compromise made as to quality, efficiency, or even service, it’s no wonder that Mantra Lighting are the success story they are today. One of their latest collections is the Alboran. Following the line of minimalism that defines the style of the designer - Hugo Tejada - the Alboran collection is a concept of pure lines where the effect of light prevails over form. Hugo Tejada uses natural elements as a source of inspiration. On this occasion, that inspiration is taken from the movement of the sea and the reflections created by the projection of light. The light effect is the key element, the composition at different heights of its metallic screens allows the illumination to flow between them. This creates a degradation of intensities with great subtlety and elegance, making the Alboran a warm and friendly object that will not go unnoticed.