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Spotlight: Mantra Lighting's Jazz

Posted on June 09 2017

Inspiration can arise in a great number of forms. It can arise through nature, through culture, through personality, through event, through happenstance, through literature, through music, and beyond. One such light that does take its inspiration from music - and wears those influences on its sleeve - is Mantra Lighting's Jazz.

Inspired by music, specifically (as the name suggests) jazz, and even more specifically the trombone that is often featured playing within this style of sound, this lighting sculpture is infused with musical notes of joviality that cannot fail to impress.

The lights themselves take their shape from the trombones bell, only instead of emitting music they emit illumination. The metal structure takes its shape after the sliding arms of the instrument, offering a sense of motion and playfulness.

Drawing on elements of brass, elements of orchestral influences, and elements of classic inspiration, Mantra Lighting's latest creation is one purpose built to inspire. Much as the trombone relies on the player's sense of balance and feeling to hit the right notes, so the Jazz light is constructed with an elegant sense of balance.

Delicate, enchanting, and utterly captivating, Mantra Lighting's newest addition might have its inspiration rooted in the classical, but its construction is as contemporary as they come, using familiar shapes and characteristic forms to present something entirely new.